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    What our clients say about us

    Let’s hope those spring tours go ahead. Visiting North Korea with your team was truly a life-changing experience.


    Michael S. | Australia


    This is just to inform you that I am very happy with my trips to North Korea and to Mongolia. North Korea was a truly unique experience and I joined a very nice international group for that tour. Everything went very smoothly, customs and migration was very efficient and fast, the guides were very nice, the sights and sounds were great, the food and the hotel was good, and transport worked just fine. Likewise, my trip to Mongolia was excellent. The itinerary was really perfect for me, and I had a wonderful guide and driver, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you very much!

    Arne D. | Norway

    Hi, That's it, I'm now back at work :(. Both my brother and I had a great time in North Korea. We especially enjoyed the fact that we were with a small group of young and interesting people with whom we got on very well and had lots of fun. Our guides were also nice, pleasant and helpful. We were of course a bit disappointed not to be able to go to the mountains and visit the temple over there but gracefully accepted the last minute change. North Korea, as expected, reminded us of the Eastern Europe countries we visited back in the 70s and 80s and was a true time-travel in the past. Pyongyang was actually nicer than we thought it would be with some interesting modern architecture. The highlight was of course the incredible Mass Games but then which other country on the planet could afford to have so many participants for so few spectators! Thanks again!

    Xavier B. | Australia

    Hi, We are now back from our trip! It was an incredibly interesting and thought provoking experience and we have come away with a variety of memories.The quietness and sometimes desertedness of the capital was surreal, made more so by the haunting morning music.... Conversely though, the human interaction we had with local people, even on a very basic level, felt good and genuine and meaningful. It struck me how frequently this is lost from our normal, busy, day to day lives. We had two designated guides, a student and of course a driver. We formed good relationships with them and we feel we couldn't have had better people to guide & drive us. There was definitely two-way mutual respect that was not forced and this certainly ensured we saw, did and learnt as much as we possibly could in a short space of time. We are all very pleased we visited the DPRK and we feel that Korea Konsult was the perfect agency to use. I have attached 3 photos which I have fond memories of.
    Best wishes

    Emma B. | UK

    I just wanted to say thank you for all of the work you at KoreaKonsult put in to organising the DPRK trip 4th-8th June 2013. I had a great time on the trip, we did and saw so much more than I was expecting. Some things we did which were not on the original plan included visiting a Pyongyang Department Store and doing a walk through the city centre at night, allowing us to see a lot of the monuments and buildings up close while they were lit up in the darkness. I want to also say that the group I travelled with and the guides were brilliant and added to the great experience of the DPRK I had. I have definitely made some good friends on this trip. If I plan to visit the country again I will use KoreaKonsult without hesitation and I will recommend KoreaKonsult straight away if anyone ever suggests a visit to the DRPK.Our guides were very relaxed and let us take pictures almost as much as we liked. Also, for your information, our bags were not inspected at all ether going in or coming out of the DPRK and immigration was very fast...perhaps the fastest and easiest I have ever seen. Our photographs were not inspected on the way out either, so perhaps the regulations have been relaxed.  Thank You once again 

    Donald F. | UK

    Just a short note to thank you all for making our visit to North Korea last week so enjoyable and successful. It is certainly a most extraordinary country with many contradictions – and through all your efforts the visit passed off smoothly. The days were certainly busy, which we liked, the guides excellent and the company really good fun (well, in the main!). We would be very happy to talk anyone who is interested in going and would like a reference. Keep up the good work.

    Rob, Ben and Hugh | UK, Hong Kong

    I just wanted to write my thanks for arranging the May Day Tour. It was one of the most remarkable travel experiences imaginable. I was extremely satisfied with the pre-trip planning, itinerary, and the wonderful guides, Mr Rim and Ms Pang. I am determined to visit North Korea again, to hopefully meet my guides once more, and see other parts of Pyongyang and the country in general.   Since leaving North Korea I have recommended Korea Konsult to every interested person I have met.

    Christopher R. | Australia

    The whole trip was great! Everything worked as it was planned. In both countries we got experiences more than we could imagine. In Mongolia the weather was nice first two days, but then there was a snowstorm and for this reason we could not see the mountain temple. But the visit to the 13th Century Park and horse and camel riding were in good weather. And the ger was warm enough – it was surprisingly comfortable to sleep there. In the museums our guide was really professional: we got enough information and not too much details. DPRK was really something and we are still confused how different the country was what we beforehand thought. The timing was excellent – it was warm enough and flowers everywhere and not so much other tourists. The trip program was excellently planned and the days were full of going and seeing, 12 hours every day. We could not dream anything more to see in this time! May be it would have been interesting to visit one ordinary shop or shopping center, but our guides had always some reasons not to drop in any. This was not any big issue for us. But we want to tell you about the hotel in Kaesong. In this time of year in the living room was about +10 C and the water was freezing. In the contrary the floor of the sleeping room was swetty hot. There was also long shortage of electricity and you should carry torch with you all the time. But anyway, we were hoping for experiences and we surely got them – we also got a romantic evening at candlelight. We can recommend this kind of traveling and your services to anybody.Thank you for organizing our excellent spring-journey!

    Tea and Tapani | Finland

    First off,  thank you to Korea Konsult for helping me realize my dream of going to the DPRK! I had an amazing time and I can't wait to go back. Secondly,  our 4-person independent tour made history...we were the first ever foreigners to be allowed to ride bicycles in the DPRK! So that was VERY exciting! We picked up some bikes in China, checked them in to our Air Koryo flight, and on the second day of our trip, we geared up with our tour guides, plus a few extra people from the KITC, and we drove several kilometers away from Pyongyang, where our guides let us off on the highway.  The four of us did a 2-hour bike ride along the Pyongyang-Nampho highway. Except for a few cars buzzing by, we had the highway to ourselves. I imagine that the locals, who are only used to seeing tourists with a quick glance through the windowpane of a tour bus, were surprised to see us. Several of them, including villagers and soldiers, came out to look at us and wave at us.  It was a rare moment in the DPRK to be alone. We had our tour guides in vans behind and in front of us, respectively, but for two hours it was just the four of us in the quiet Korean countryside, which was more verdant and colorful than I had imagined. It was truly a unique experience and I recommend it to anyone planning on making a trip to the DPRK!

    Kyle S. | USA

    Just got back from our Film Festival tour and wanted to say thank you for organising a great tour. Our tour leaders - Miss Park and Mr Lee - were exceptionally helpful and understanding, doing their best to accommodate our needs - they maintained their calm manner throughout and were thoroughly professional. Notwithstanding the very difficult times the country is experiencing we were able to see the beauty of the countryside, the warmth of the people and the resilient culture.   For most of us, Arirang was the highlight - seeing pictures doesn't do it justice as once you are there, the excitement of the crowd and the music makes for a once in a lifetime experience.  For me personally, the other highlight was the Pyongyang Film Festival.  Although there were no North Korean films in the competition, it gave me the opportunity to see what kind of films were selected and sit in an audience of North Koreans and see their response to the films that were shown. One of the main reasons for going on the tour for many members of the group was to see for ourselves North Korean society - though realizing the limitations of people coming from outside the culture and such a short and limited stay - nevertheless all the members felt it was an amazing experience to see a society organised so different to our own. All the best and I will be letting others know about your excellent tour.

    Elizabeth C. | Australia

    I am very sorry to write to you so late. Thanks a million for that fantastic trip to North Korea! For sure it was the most interesting trip I have ever done. Thanks again for everything! Greetings from a cold Berlin

    Olaf D. | Germany

    Hi there, A bit slow responding but just to say that my trip to the DPRK was fantastically well organised throughout and will likely remain one of my most memorable trips ever! The delay at Dandong was one of those things.  To be honest it wasn't really a problem, it just meant that the party went on that little bit longer! Thanks again and I wish you all the best for future tours.Best Regards

    Adam L. | UK

    Thank you for a fantastic trip, excellent preparation, unforgettable impressions in the DPRK ! This was amazing.Everything worked out fine! All the best

    Marion F. | Germany

    Hi, I'm back in China, I arrived in Beijing this morning by train. The trip to North Korea was very well organized and i didn't have any trouble; i really enjoyed it, thanks also by the guides, and i'll surely recommend this trip to my relatives and friends. So thanks for everything!

    Cesare S. | Italy

    About one week ago, we came back home to Norway. By that time we had been travelling for 28 days, and I think I can safely say that I've never experienced so many interesting things during a period of 4 weeks before. Russia was amazing, so was China. But of course, North Korea was undoubtly the most interesting country of them all. It will be difficult to explain it properly. Pyongyang was a dazzling city,full of impressive monuments and buildings! Also, it had some strange features, like the massive roads without cars leading in and out of the city, and the dark appearance at night, with builders constantly working, accompanied by opera-like revolutionary Korean songs on loudspeakers. We also got to see beautiful nature, and in addition we had a pleasant stay at a spa hotel. And of course many, many other interesting things. The visit to the Kim Il Sung mausoleum made a huge impression on all of us. Being in the same room as the eternal president was incredible, and it is something which I of course will never forget. But I think that the most interesting place we visited, was the DMZ. I can't think of any other place in the world where you can get closer to reality. You could really feel the tension in the air. We were even allowed to cross the border to South Korea inside one of the buildings built across the border. That was also a strange experience. But nevertheless a strong one. There's really too much to say about the trip. I'm very, very satisfied with how the itinerary turned out; I think we got the very most out of the week we spent in one of the world's strangest countries. We enjoyed it so much! Really, a journey to remember. I must tell you how impressed I am with how smooth everything has gone. Thinking about it now, after half a year of planning, it has been quite a lot of things to handle. And nothing would be possible without your aid, for which I am deeply thankful for. I think you have been simply FANTASTIC! Quick and informative answers to any question, and obviously a great knowledge of what you're doing. I rarely have the pleasure to experience such great service from a company and it's employees, and for that I thank you again, and I hope you will carry on with your great efforts in the future! We had a wonderful time in North Korea, and who knows, we might return some day...but until then, we still have all the memories. And some hundred pictures and videos to look at!

    Lars-Erik S. | Norway

    The trip you planned for us was outstanding, and everything went smoothly. Your careful planning and all of the arrangements could not have been better. Being in the DPRK was an amazing experience. Thank you so much. The two guides, Mr. Lee and Mr. Kim, were knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. The driver Mr. Lee was also very nice and was an excellent, careful driver, especially noteworthy considering the Korean style of driving he had to deal with on the roads. We also enjoyed the Korean food and the restaurants that were selected. We really appreciated the opportunity to observe the lifestyle, participate in their customs, see the enormity of the monuments, and learn the North Korean perspective of their history as well as current desire for reunification. Needless to say, Arirang was MAGNIFICENT (we went twice). I should also mention that we liked the way so much was packed into each day. No time was wasted. With only four days, we did and saw as much as was possible. Thanks again for a great experience.

    Anne T. and Alice D. | USA

    I am writing to thank you for your assistance with our excellent trip to DPRK & China. We had an absolutely great time, everything went smoothly (transport, connexions and accommodation), and our guides couldn't have been more helpful and charming). We were very sorry to leave DPRK, which I thought was an excellent place, and only wish that we could have stayed for longer and done some more exploration, particularly of the NE of the country and the coast. Beijing was largely unrecognizable from when we were last there in 2001, much more traffic-choked and clearly fully embracing unrestrained capitalism. I hope that Pyongyang doesn't end up the same way, though I think it inevitable that it will sooner-or-later. I did email our DPRK guides to thank them, and to send a couple of pictures. If you are in contact with them please let me know if they were able to receive the message, if not then I'll re-send via you, if that's OK. I shall continue to extol the virtues of DPRK, and point any interested people in your direction.Once again many thanks for such an excellent trip.Best wishes

    Paul H. | UK

    Great tour and great organisation and support from Korea Konsult, I was very happy with the choice, and Julia helped us all save a few bucks. The only thing that got annoying was how we always seemed to be running late even though we were on time!!!!! Hmmmmm I wonder why :-)

    Luke C. | Australia


    I am back from a very well organized trip to North Korea. It was a very interesting visit and I really saw a lot. The food was excellent, the hotel was fine and I was happy with the guides and the driver. China Air was on time (this was my biggest worry). It was cold and I had not brought enough cloth. Alltogether a successful trip. Thank you for having organized it so well. Regards

    Peter S. | Denmark

    Thanks a lot for organizing this trip. My week in northern Korea under your tour was the most amazing week in my life. I have long had an interest in the country and to finally go there was beyond expectations. The organizing was smooth, communication excellent and the tour itself amazing! The Koreans showed to be the kindest and most sincere people I have ever encountered.It saddens me to realize that I can’t have the opportunity to pay back by being a just as good host for these people in my country. Isolation is never good, and what you are doing to bring people to Korea is of utmost importance, both for Koreans and for us from outside. I hope I can come back in a near future, and will then of course go with Korea Konsult once again!

    Ola O. | Sweden

    Our trip was surely a memorable one, maybe my best trip ever: not because of the beauty of what we saw, but for the chance to have a first-hand impression of such a closed country. Moreover, the people I was traveling with were also excellent colleagues and I can now consider some of them my friends. The Korean guides were also very friendly and nice to us: I personally got the chance to have several conversations with one of them and that made my experience even richer. Best regards

    Francesc P. | Spain

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that i will do everything possible to help bring as many tourists into that country, it was one of my favorites (top 3 for sure). i have 85 different people on my email address and most of them are world travelers (and my friends). my guides were fantastic and very patient. they helped out always and made this trip special (i didn't want to leave). i would love to work there as an english teacher but i don't think they allow americans to do that.i miss them already. Thanks again and keep in touch. if there is anything i can do to help these very hard working people you tell me what it is and i'm there to help out. I will definately go back within the next year. Mass games was the best ever. Thanks

    Chan R. | USA

    Hi, I just wanted to say one more time "thank you very much for your excellent work"! I had a wonderful stay in korea. it is probably the strangest country i've ever seen but this makes it so unique. the two guides were very friendly and helpful at all time. Everything was perfect!Thx and have a good time.

    Patrik T. | Switzerland

    Hello, Erik and I have returned recently from our trip to the DPRK. We would like to express out gratitude for the well organized and interesting tour we joined, the good food and the good accommodation. It was a trip we will never forget. With kind regards

    Koen C. | Belgium

    Dear Julia, I thought I would just write to you and thank you for organising our trip to DPRK. We had a great time, it is a fascinating country and the people are great, and we would both really like to go back there sometime:-). There were a couple of planned things that we could not do, but nevertheless I think we saw and experienced a great deal during our short stay!! The holiday to DPRK was really very good and absolutely fascinating. The guides and driver were also very nice and their English is really impressive. It was my idea to go there, so I was not sure what Petrik would think of it, but he wanted to stay an extra week!

    Melanie M. | Germany

    Hey there DPRKers! Finaly I got back home after 4 months on the road. I must say, DPRK, was, so far, the most interesting and unsettling travel experience that I have ever had. Thank You Korea Konsult to garantee such an experience. More pictures of my trip in http://pelocaminhomaislongo.blogspot.com/ (can translate to english with google translator)

    Ricardo C. | Portugal

    Dear Julia, Just a quick note to thank you so very much for arranging our tour in North Korea. We had a really wonderful time. It all went excellently, and we particularly loved visiting Wonsan, Sijung and Mini-Kumgang. We are specially grateful to our guides, Ms. Kim Sul-Gyung and Mr. Kim Myung-Su who were charming and extremely helpful, and also to the lovely driver Mr. Pak. My sister has decided that she wants to visit North Korea again sometime soon! Currently we are in China, and will be returning home soon. Thanks again and best wishes

    Tessa M. | Australia

    I went on a trip with Korea Konsult in June 2008, and I fully enjoyed the trip and the country. It is so different from anything else! It's an experience all should have... it's a bit of an eye-opener! Would love to go back for the Mass Games...

    Michael F. H. | Denmark

    Finally managed to find a little time to let you know about our trip to North Korea. We came back a little over a week ago, but are still processing the whole thing. So many things we've seen and experienced! First of all, thanks again for all your work. Everything was expertly arranged, and we cannot thank you enough for that. If anyone ever asks us for recommendations on travel agents for North Korea, we're more than happy to point them to you ;-) As we were told, indeed our days were packed to the hilt with sights and activities, so we did not mind getting back to our hotel room at night! Think all of the desinations on our program, except, to our regret, the visit to Kim Il-Sung university. According to our guide, this was because staff was busy with the prospective students' entrance exams, and we just had to take his word for it ;-) Instead we went to the Pyongyang Folk Museum, which was interesting enough. We particularly enjoyed our trips to Wonsan/Lake Sijung (that beach!), and Kaesong and the DMZ. As to the latter: it was surreal to stand across from tourists on the Southern side at only a couple of feet distance. None of us said anything, guess both sides were stunned at the sight! Our guides even sang us a goodbye song in the car on the way to the hotel after our last dinner together ;-)) Furthermore, we were able to benefit from Mr Rim's extensive knowledge base, which made for very informative excursions, and we also had some very interesting discussions on very diverse topics. So all in all, a very interesting (and exhausting!) trip, which has definitely wetted our appetite for more. Who knows, in the future....? By the way, we had that beautiful sunny weather throughout our whole trip!Thanks again, and kind regards

    Caren S. | Netherlands

    Hello! I just want to thank you for the all the attention you gave me for the preparation of the trip in North Korea.The group was great and personally I enjoyed the trip so much!!! The funniest moment was when the van broke down and we remained on the road back to Pyongyang for hours: a real North Korean experience!!! I liked the trip so much (compared to China) that I regretted the decision to leave before the Mass Games, but since I'll stick with Asia in my next trips... I could take a detour and decide to come back, with the Mass Games included of course! Thanks for everything!

    Roberto S. | Italy

    I want to start off by thanking you guys for all the work you guys put into getting me over to North Korea! I am so grateful to have had the chance to travel to such an exotic and beautiful land :) I have never had or seen a company work so hard for a client like you guys! You guys really tried your best to get me to a location where I really wanted to go. I hope to return someday in the near future to the D.P.R. of Korea. And I will certainly use your services to get me there. Once again, thanks much! :)

    Joe B. | Poland

    I have been to North Korea july 2008 and was really surprised by the country and its' people. The trip was well organized by Korea Konsult and definitely wanna go back sometime!

    Manuel L. | Netherlands

    Takk for en fantastisk tur til DPRK i sommer, det er sannsynligvis den mest interessante og best organiserte turen jeg noen gang har vært på! Jeg har et spørsmål, vår kvinnelige guide, Hwang Un Byon, sa at om jeg ville sende noen ting til henne kunne jeg sende de i posten til dere, så tok dere dem med over. Stemmer det? Og når er isåfall neste gang dere skal over? Takk igjen

    Kirsten | Norway