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    Pyongyang circuses

    Korea People's Army Circus | Pyongyang Circus | Performance

    Korea People's Army Circus

    Korean People Army's Circus was built in Juche 53 (1964) and open in December to host 1600 spectators.

    Pyongyang Circus

    Pyongyang Circus was completed on May 1, Juche 78 (1989) in Kwanbok street which was built for the International Youth Festival of 1989.


    The performances are spectacular. North Korean circus has inherited best traditions of Soviet circus where a lot of attention was put to nurture athletic and artistic qualities of the performers. Acrobats are flipping and flying all over the place. In some scenes performers do dangerous stunts without the aid of a net or safety wire. The whole show lasts about an hour or so. The best part is when some clowns come out into the audience and grab a couple of people to join them on stage.

    Performance cost (about 20 Euro) is usually not included into the tour price and you should have 20 Euro cash available to pay for the visit.