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    Tours to South Korea

    Our tours | Visa Support

    Korea Konsult will be glad to help you arrange an unforgettable journey to South Korea. The trip to the land of Morning Calm (as Korea was referred to in ancient manuscripts) can be a journey in itself or it can be a part of a combined voyage to several adjacent countries such as North Korea, China, Mongolia or Russia.

    Important: Please note there is NO problem to travel to North Korea if you have South Korean stamp in your passport or other way around - there will be NO problem to travel to South Korea after North Korea.

    We believe that the combined tour to South and North Koreas is one of the most adventerous journeys you can undertake. You will be able to visit from both sides of the borders which have been balancing on a brink of war for the last 60 years. You will see so different destinies of one nation splitted into two states after World War II.

    Our Individual and Group Tours

    Please notice that the list below is not complete list of our tours to South Korea. If you cannot find the tour which suits your needs please contact us directly, we will be happy to assist you and prepare tailor-made itinerary for you.

    Seoul and DMZ >>

    • Duration: 3 nights and 4 days in South Korea
    • Departure: every day
    • Itinerary: Seoul-DMZ

    It is a short coach sit-in tour to visit Seoul and Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) located in Seoul's vicinity.


    Around Korea for 7 days >>

    • Duration: 6 nights and 7 days in South Korea
    • Departure: every Saturday
    • Itinerary: Seoul - Gongju - Daejeon - Jeonju -Jinan - Gwangju - Boseong - Suncheon - Yeosu - Jinju - Busan - Ulsan - Gyeongju - Andong - Wonju - Pyeongchang - Gangneung - Mt.Seorak - Seoul

    It is a coach sit-in tour to visit the main cities located on both west and east cost of Korean Peninsula. You will experience the most beatiful mountains in South Korea and will visit capital of winter Olympics 2018.

    Fantastic Jeju island >>

    • Duration: 2 nights and 3 days in South Korea
    • Departure: Monday to Saturday
    • Itinerary: Seoul - Jeju - Seoul

    This is an Seat-In-Coach 3 day tour to a leisure island Jeju located to the south of Busan in East China Sea. Jeju island is sometimes affectedly called by locals "Hawaii of Korea"

    Taekwondo Tour >>

    • Duration: 6 nights and 7 days in South Korea
    • Departure: on demand (minimum 10 people)
    • Itinerary: Seoul - Suwon - Gyeongju - Muju - Seoul

    This tour is a special proposal for fans of famous Korean martial art Taekwondo. During this tour you will see the capital of South Korea Seoul, stay in a Buddhist temple and experience real Taekwondo training camp! Please note that this tour departs only with minimum 10 people.

    Visa Support

    EU/US citizens do not need visa for a short-term visit to South Korea. If you need visa to South Korea please contact the embassy of Republic of Korea in your city. Korea Konsult does not provide full visa support and instead issues tour and flight ticket confirmation if required.


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