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    Embroidery Institute - where the best Pyongyang talents work

    "Korean embroidery is beautiful. More beautiful are the Korean women." This is a passage of the visitor's book of the Pyongyang Embroidery Institute, which was written by a foreign tourist. The institute is sited on the bank of the River Pothong and called after Kim Jong Suk - mother of the leader Kim Jong Il.

    The Embroidery Institute among others created "Kimilsungia," "Kimjongilia," "Azalea," "Lake Samji in Autumn," "Myriad-Shaped Peaks of Mt. Kumgang," "Stream Sobaek in Morning" and "Evening Glow over Kangson."

    A large-sized embroidery work created on the basis of the "Picture of Peasants' Life" by Kim Hong Do, a renowned artist in the 18th century, has been highly appreciated for a vivid depiction of it by the application of various embroidery techniques, which gives an effect of solidity. Many embroidery works of figures, landscape, animals and others produced by the institute are popular among Korean and foreign visitors and buyers for their fresh and unique depiction.