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    Pyongyang Folklore Village - the biggest Korean theme park

    Historical Sites | Models of Monuments | Natural Wonders | Korean Folklore Museum | Hotel


    The Pyongyang Folklore Park is an amusement park located at the foot of Mount Taesong. The area, covering nearly 30 hectares, breaks into primitive, ancient, middle age and Korean map sections. It is shaped in form of Korean Peninsula and it shows the long history and time-honored culture of the Korean people.

    The park consists of the district for comprehensive history education, district for the display of historic relics, modern district, folk village district, folk playing district, park district of Mt. Paektu and Mt. Kumgang and the management and operation district.

    Korean pre-history

    The park is one of the nation’s treasures. Visual aids showing the 5.000-year-long Korean history are installed in the quarter of history at the entrance of the park. More than 130 full or reduced-sized historic relics, including the mausoleums of King Tangun and King Tongmyong and the monument to the great victory in the battle in northern area of Korea, are taking shape in the quarter of historical interest.

    The primitive section shows a cave proving that Korea is one of the cradles of human culture and sculptures portraying Korean hominids and such primitive animals as deer with big and broad antlers. It also showcases caves and cottages dating back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. In the ancient section there are duplications of dwelling houses, dolmens and earthen jar tombs and Kangsang tomb and Sunjang tomb in Ryongsan-ri representing the features of the slave state.

    Scale Models of the most Famous Monuments and Historic Sites

    The present era quarter includes miniatures of the Tower of the Juche Idea, Party Founding Memorial Tower, West Sea Barrage, Arch of Triumph, Chollima Statue and other monuments and edifices.

    Natural Wonders

    In the Folklore Park there are also several duplications of natural wonders such as Mt.Paektu and Mt.Kumgang.

    Korean Folklore Museum

    The Korean Folklore Museum shows excellent Korean folk customs and displays varieties of materials. Opened in February Juche 45 (1956), it was recently moved to the Foklore Park near the Martyr's Cemetry in Pyongyang suburbs. It displays materials in 7 halls with over 2.300 items from the Old Stone Age to the end of 19th century. The collections give the visitors an insight of social conditions and folk custom of Korean nation. This museum gives an actual experience of how Korean people lived, what they ate and how they went along their daily lives.

    Folklore Hotel

    It is Korean style hotel (another one is Minsok Hotel in Kaesong) where you can experience Korean traditions, and sleep on the heated floor ondol.