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    Pyongyang Hospitals - healthcare system of the capital

    Pyongyang Maternity Hospital | Okryo Children Hospital | Friendship Hospital

    Pyongyang Maternity Hospital

    The Pyongyang Maternity Hospital has been birthplace of at least 710.000 children since its foundation on July 30, Juche 69(1980) and many barren women became mothers there. More than 390 triplets and quadruplets were born and over 600 triplets have grown up there for the past 30 years since the birth of the first triplet in September 1980.

    Okryo Children Hospital

    Newly opened pediatric hospital in Pyongyang

    Friendship Hospital

    The Pyongyang Friendship Hospital was built as the Foreigners' Hospital in 1986. It is a modern hospital where diplomats and other foreigners residing in Pyongyang are taken for inpatient procedures and serious illness. There are several medical infirmary clinics for foreign patients stationed around Pyongyang in, or near, hotels