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    Mansu Grand Monument - the main monument of North Korea

    Mansu Grand Monument 

    Mansudae Grand Monument

    The Mansu Grand Monument was constructed on April Juche 61 (1972) on the occassion of the 60th Birthday of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, then displaying only Kim Il Sung. Following the death of the leader Kim Jong Il in 2011, a new statue of him was unveiled next to Kim Il Sung's statue in April 2012 (on the oocasion of the 100 th Anniversary of Kim Il Sung's birthday). At the same time, Kim Il Sung's statue was changed quite a bit. A new set of clothes was added and his facial expression modified somewhat.

    The bronze statues of leaders stand in the centre and two monuments titled "Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Struggle" and "Socialist Construction" are on their both sides. A mosaic mural depicting Mt. Paektu - sacred mountain of revolution - depicted as a mosaic on the front wall of the Korean Revolution Museum behind the grand memorials.

    The memorials are 22.5 m in height and 50 m each in length The sculptures are 5 m high in average. There are over 200 sculptural figures in the memorials.

    There are legal requirements associated with photographing statues of the Kims including one that states visitors must photograph the entire statue, not the head or any other individual part.