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    Kumsusan Palace of Sun - Pyongyang Mausoleum

    The Kumsusan Memorial Palace of Sun | Inside Mausoleum

    The Kumsusan Memorial Palace of Sun

    The Kumsusan Palace of Sun (the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, and sometimes referred to as the Kim Il Sung Mausoleum) is the Mausoleum for Kim Il Sung, the founder and eternal president of DPR Korea, and for the leader Kim Jong Il who succeeded him as the country's ruler.

    The palace was built in 1976 as the Kumsusan Assembly Hall and served as Kim Il Sung's official residence. In 1994 the building was renovated and transformed into the Mausoleum. The palace shut down after leader Kim Jong Il suddenly passed away in 2011, but reopened to top officials on Dec. 17, 2012. On the 70th anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s birth the building officially reopened to the public with a military parade and fireworks.

    Inside Mausoleum

    Inside the palace, Kim Il Sung's embalmed body lies inside a clear glass sarcophagus. His head rests on a Korean-style pillow and he is covered by the flag of the Workers' Party of Korea. Kim Jong Il is now on display in a room close to and very similar to his father's.In the Mausoleum there is a big museum dedicated to achievements of the leaders displaying medals, honors, diplomas, pictures from different countries etc.

    Kumsusan is the largest mausoleum in the world and the only one to house the remains of multiple people.

    To visit the palace you need to be dressed properly: shirts, ties and trousers for men, modest dress for women. You leave all of your belongings at the cloakroom, go through an X-ray scanner and also a blower that blows dust off. Then, your shoes will be cleaned. No pictures are allowed inside but you can freely take pictures outside of the Mausoleum in the park.

    The Kumsusan Palace of Sun is only open for the public on Thursday and Sunday's morning. It is closed for maintenance from May to July.