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    Pyongyang Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery

    The Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery on Mt. Taesong (meaning “great fort”, the former site of the Koguryo fort built in 427 when the Koguryo capital was moved to Pyongyang) has busts of revolutionaries who fought for the freedom and independence of the country. Situated on the top of Jujak Hill of Mt. Taesong, it was completed in Juche 64 (1975) and renovated in Juche 74 (1985). It covers and area of about 300 000 sq.m. It is composed of a gateway, a gazebo, sections of sculptures, education and busts. 

    The monuments to the autograph of President Kim Il Sung and dedicated poem, sculptures and a hero medal-carved pedestal for placing floral tributes are in the section of education. In the section. of busts are the busts of the revolutionaries and a magnificent flag stands as the background.

    The cemetery commemorates many of the young revolutionaries who fought for Korean independence against the Japanese occupation. Originally built in 1875 it was rebuilt and enlarged in October, 1985 to cover 74 acres / 30 hectares. There are 530 granite steps leading up to the cemetery.