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    FAQ & Travel Tips

    • Do I need a visa to go to North Korea?

      Yes. Citizens of most countries are required to obtain visa in order to go to North Korea. One of rare exceptions for example is Malaysia - even though visa is not required Malaysian citizens still should arrange a guided tour in North Korea with the official tour operator and provide all required documents

    • What documents do I need for North Korean visa?

      The visa application requirements varies by countries (please refer to our visa page here for the details) but the minimum document set is:

      • colour e-copy of your passport
      • e-copy of recent colour photo
      • e-copy of employment certificate for employees/ university attendance confirmation for students
      • file with filled visa application form
      • e-copy of the signed traveler declaration
      We will send your all document forms/templates after you book your tour.

    • Can I apply for a North Korean visa all by myself?

      No. A North Korean visa is issued by the Embassy only after receiving confirmation from Pyongyang that the applicant is a part of an organized tour - either group or individual- operated by a registered tour operator

    • Where can I get a visa to North Korea?
      There are three major options to apply for North Korean visa (please refer to our visa page here for the details):
      • in Stockholm, Sweden - the most convenient way for EU residents
      • in Beijing, China - for those who don't want to have visa in their passport
      • in your country of residence only if your country has an North Korean Embassy - for those who want to get everything ready in advance
    • Will the North Korean visa be stamped into my passport?

      If you apply for North Korean visa in Beijing then your visa will be issued on a separate piece of paper ("a tourist card") so there will be no record in your passport.
      If you apply for the visa anywhere else then the visa will be stamped into your passport.

    • Will I have problems entering the US or South Korea after traveling to the DPRK?

      We have never heard about any problem entering South Korea after visiting North Korea even with North Korean visa in the passport. There are no countries who will refuse you entry just because you have travelled to North Korea.
      In any case you can apply for North Korean visa in Beijing and then there won't actually be any evidence that you have travelled to the DPRK anyway as the visa is issued on a separate piece of paper and there will be no record in your passport.
      In August 2019 the US government announced that anyone who has been to North Korea since 2011 would no longer qualify for ESTA - the Visa Waiwer Program. This means that citizens of the countries that are normally eligible for ESTA will now have to apply for a US visa if they have visited North Korea since 2011.

    • How much is North Korean visa fee?

      The price of North Korean visa varies on the embassy. For example, in Beijing and Stockholm the visa fee is 60 Euro while in Vladivostok it is about 10 Euro

    • How long does it take to issue North Korean visa?

      Korea Konsult applies in advance for your visa approval and it takes about 4 weeks to get the approval. As soon as the approval is ready, the visa can be stamped into your passport.
      Please note that it doesn't mean that you have to be without your passport for 4 weeks. To get the visa approval we will need just a copy of your passport.

    • How long is North Korean visa valid?

      The North Korean visa is normally valid for 2 months since the issuing date.

    • Do I need to give you my passport to issue a visa?

      Whether or not you need to give your passport and for how long depends on the place where you apply for the visa:

      • In Beijing (China) visas will be issued on a separate piece of paper ("a tourist card") so there will be nothing stuck in your passport. You don't need to visit embassy or give you passport at all. You will pick up your visa from our agent in Beijing
      • In Stockholm (Sweden) we will need your passport for a week to stamp your visa in it. You send your passport by registered mail to our office in Stockholm, and we send it back to you within one week
      • In other countries we will apply in advance for your visa, so you will need just come to the embassy in your city and stamp your visa to your passport. You will need to give your passport for a couple of hours

    • I have South Korean visa/entry stamps in my passport, will I have problems entering the DPRK?

      There is no problem traveling to the DPRK with South Korean visa or stamps in your passport

    • I’m an expat living in South Korea, am I still good for a visa?

      Yes. If you are living in South Korea and have a South Korean resident or work permit you are able to visit North Korea

    • May citizens of US and Israel apply for North Korean visa?

      There are no restrictions for citizens of Israel to apply for a DPRK visa. U.S. citizens are not permitted to apply for a visa to visit the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

    • I’m an ex/ current military personnel, can I apply for the DPRK visa?

      Yes. There is no problem for ex-military personnel to apply for the North Korean visa. If you are a current military personnel please let us know details of your duties, you fighting arm, your rank and we will see if there is any problem. Most probably there will be no any issue

    • I am a journalist, can I apply for North Korean visa?

      Journalists are not allowed to enter North Korea on a toursit visa. Journalists should be invited by the authorities and should apply for special journalist visa.