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    Vladivostok - pearl of the Russian Far East

    WebCam | Traveling options from Vladivostok | Recommended Itinerary | Guided tours around Vladivostok | Our tours with Vladivistok

    Vladivostok is the largest city in the Russian Far East with a population of about 800,000 people. The city is seven hours ahead of Moscow time. Established as a key naval and military base on the Pacific, Vladivostok became the eastern terminus of the World's longest Trans-Siberian Railway (9288 km).

    A city with a turbulent history, Vladivostok has a multi-cultural ambience where Europe meets Asia. The Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, after his trip to the US in the 1950s, used to compare Vladivostok with San Francisco. Like San Francisco, the city of Vladivostok is located on a hilly region surrounded by a bay, opening a spectacular view.

    Vladivostok can be compared not only to San-Francisco. The Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok was named after the Golden Horn Bay in Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey). And like Istanbul, Vladivostok has its own Bosphorus: the Eastern Bosphorus strait separates the mainland Vladivostok and the Russky Island. The Russky Island Bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

    Until 1992, Vladivostok was a closed city for foreigners, being one of the top secret military zones. Today the city of Vladivostok is one of the most important regional centers in Russia and the largest port city in the Russian Far East. In September 2012 Vladivostok hosted the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC). 

    Traveling options from Vladivostok

    Vladivostok can be your basecamp for traveling to North Asia:

    From Vladivostok to North Korea

    (send us a message: postmaster@koreakonsult.com)

    Vladivostok is well connected to North Korea: you can fly to Pyongyang or you can take train to Tumangang:

    • Vladivostok is the only Russian city having direct flights to the DPRK. Every Monday and Friday you can fly from Vladivostok to Pyongyang, or from Pyongyang to Vladivostok. Please refer to the group tours description to see whether Vladivostok flight in/out option is available for the tour
    • You can take train to Tumangang (city in the Free Economic Zone Rason in North Korea) or from Tumangang. Please note that the train from Tumangang operates only 4 times a month on specific dates and train change is needed in Ussuriisk

    From Vladivostok to South Korea and Japan

    (send us a message: postmaster@koreakonsult.com)

    There are three options to travel to Japan and South Korea from Vladivostok:

    1. Fly out from Vladivostok to Seoul or Tokyo. You need less than 2 hours to reach Seoul or Tokyo
    2. Take ferry "Eastern Dream" Vladivostok-Donghae (South Korea)
    3. The ferry "Eastern Dream" Vladivostok-Donghae (South Korea)-Sakaiminato (Japan)

    The ferry "Eastern Dream" operates the route Vladivostok-Donghae-Sakaiminato and leaves from Vladivostok every Wednesday at 14.00


    From Vladivostok by the Trans-Siberian Railway to Moscow and other Russian cities

    (send us a message: postmaster@koreakonsult.com)

    Vladivostok may be starting or ending point of your Trans-Siberian journey: take train from Moscow to Vladivostok or other way around from Vladivostok to Moscow or any other Russian cities. Make your trip unforgettable!



    Recommended Itinerary for your stay in Vladivostok

    If you stay one day in Vladivostok you may visit:

    • Stroll along Svetlanskaya street (former "American street" got its name after steemer "America" on which founder of the city - Muravyov-Amursky - arrived here in 19th century) - the oldest city's street
    • Railway Station, end of the Trans-Siberian railroad monument
    • Marine terminal
    • Lenin monument in front of the Railway Station
    • Brynner's Mansion and monument: Yul Brynner was famous Vladivostok-born (1920) United States-based film and stage actor
    • City scenic observation platform "Eagle nest", monument to Slavic Enlighteners St. Kirill and Mefodiy
    • Central square, monument to fighters for Soviet Power, building of Primoskiy Regional Administration
    • The Arch of the Crown Prince Nicholas
    • S56 submarine museum
    • WW2 "Fighting Glory of Pacific Fleet" Memorial Complex: eternal flame
    • Golden Horn bridge, walk over the bridge
    • Far East Russian Opera and Ballet House on the other side of the Golden Horn bridge
    • Crown Prince Embankment - very nice walk along Golden Horn bay

    If you stay two days in Vladivostok on the second day you may visit:

    • Naberejnaya street - nice promenade along Amur bay
    • Monument to Admiral Makarov
    • Sports Harbour and Aquarium
    • Museum "Vladivostok's Fortress"
    • Admiral Fokin pedestrain street also known as "Vladivostok's Arbat"
    • GUM department store
    • V.K.Arsenyev local lore museum
    • Pacific fleet museum
    • St. Paul Lutheran Church
    • Vladivostok Funicular - an unique engineering construction

    If you stay three days in Vladivostok on the third day you may visit:

    • Russky island: the biggest world cable-stayed bridge over Eastern Bosphorus, Far East Federal University, Primorsky Aquarium (opened in September 2016), and Voroshilovskaya Battery (refer to the description of Russky Island tour)
    • The Pokrovsky Cathedral (Cathedral of the Intercession)
    • Tokarevskiy light house - fantastic view on Russkiy island bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus strait


    • "Zuma" - the best Russia 2014 restaurant acording to "Trip Advisor", Pan-Asian fusion cuisine
    • "Porto-Franko", Russian and European cuisine
    • Far East Federal University's canteen - student Russian food at very affordable price
    • "Artichoke" BBQ bar - delicious food and live music every evening. Address: Lazo street, 8
    • "Mumiy troll" music bar and restaurant - popular place with local hipsters
    • North Korean restaurant "Pyongyang", address: Verhneportovaya street, 68-B


    Guided tours around Vladivostok

    Vladivostok is an interesting city to explore:



    (from 9:00 am till 2:00 pm)


    Russky Island Tour (excursion to the Voroshilovskaya Battery)

    Price on request

    Russky Island used to be a top-secret military base that served for years as a shield for the naval port in Vladivostok. Only in 1995, after losing most of its defense significance it became open for civilian visitors. Now the island is popular summer beach resort

    • Voroshilovskaya Battery: situated on the territory of an actual military base. You cannot help but admire this outstanding structure erected more than 80 years ago, it's sofisticated mechanisms and rational organization.
    • picnic lunch in scenic sea side
    • Far East Federal University : just after closing APEC summit in September 2012 the campus of the Far East Federal University was relocated to the newly built facilities used for APEC summit. Take a look at the spacious campus, enjoy park and sea promenade with stunning view on the world biggest cable-stayed bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus strait

    3 hours

    (every day)

    Beer factory tour with degustation

    Price on request

    Beer tasting tour

    • A guided tour in a private car takes you 35 km north of center of Vladivostok to a local beer factory. Inspect how local beer is produced and try its taste! All guests receive a small souvenir from the beer factory (1 bottles of beer) 

    2 hours

    (every day)

    Folk Show and dinner

    Price on request

    Folk show of the local traditional Russian music bands: sing and dance during your dinner

    • You will attend a colorful show of the traditional Russian music bands: fine singing and skilfull dancing in colorful traditional folk costume. Enjoy Russian feast!

    1.5 hours

    (every day)

    Vladivostok harbour cruise

    Price on request

    Observe Golden Horn harbour from the cruise! You will see Russia’s largest Pacific Coast seaport

    • The cruise covers three harbors in one go: fishing harbor, the pacific fleet harbour, and the commercial fleet harbor. You will see the comercia; port operations - how cargo ships get loaded and unloaded, then you will proceed to Amur Bay to enjoy panoramic view of Vladivostok

    4 hours

    (every day)

    Military highlights of Vladivostok (Vladivostok Fortress museum, S-56, Fort #7)

    Price on request

    An introduction to the military history of Vladivostok

    • this tour will take you back to the years when the Fortress of Vladivostok was guarding the city with all its guns. You will visit two of the old batteries (built at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries) and the WWII submarine S-56, which now serves as a museum. The modern Pacific Navy warships stationed in the heart of Vladivostok will add to the military portrait of the present-day city

    10 hours

    (every day)

    Tiger Reservation

    Price on request

    Visit Siberian Tigers reservation, take a picture of live Siberian tigers. Commonly used name "Siberian Tiger" (panthera tigris altaica) is misleading as this species lives only in the Russian Far East and bears the correct name of "Amur Tiger". By 1940s only thirty animals remained in the world as a result of excessive hunting. Today, the Amur Tiger population is slowly recovering

    • A guide trip in a private car 250 km north of Vladivostok to a natural reserve hosting a family of Amur tiger. You will have an unique opportunity to experience Amur tiger in a wild nature

    Full day

    (every day)

    Ussuriisk Nature Reserve

    Price on request

    The Ussuriiski State Nature Reserve was established in 1935. It has 1100 species of plants, including 20 rare species: the Japanese yew, aralia, eleutherococcus, Schizandra Chinensis, and the Amur phellodendron (velvet tree) among others. There are 63 species of terrestrial mammals including the wild boar, the Manchurian deer, Nemorhaedus goral, the Sika deer and “the Pearl of the Reserve” - "the Amur Tiger"

    • This is a great chance to see local animals and plants in natural reserve located 90 km north of Vladivostok. Take a walk along the ecological trail, visit and have lunch in the local Science and Nature museum associated with Russian Far East Academy of Sience.