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    About Korea Konsult

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    Korea Konsult was founded in 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden. We are the leading company in Europe specialising on adventures in North Korea, and our stuff is well versed in North Korean life and culture. We have been to North Korea numerous times and we know the country inside out.

    In a very short time span Korea Konsult has become one of the world’s leading travel agencies specializing in adventures in the DPRK. Travellers from all corners of the world choose Korea Konsult because we offer quick and personal service, competitive prices, and a support in your own language - we speak Swedish, German, French, English, and Russian. All our adventures are fun, safe and well organised!

    Our Services

    We focus on small and medium-size groups in order to ensure that your trip will be a memorable experience. We run group tours on a fixed schedule and tailor-made individual tours. Every year 40+ different nationalities from all over the world travel with us to the DPRK, South Korea, Japan, China, Mongolia, Russia, and other hardly accessible places on our planet such as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Iran.

    We are a leading authority on Trans-Siberian journeys over the longest in the world railroad system from Moscow to Vladivostok via Irkutsk where the world's biggest freshwater lake Baikal is found. We know the Eurasian railroad system inside-out and can bring you to Ulaanbaatar (capital of Mongolia) or to Beijing over Trans-Mongolian track.

    Our guarantees

    Korea Konsult AB is a proud member of Swedish Tourist Guarantee Board and therefore all travellers booking with us are fully insured for the initial deposit, and subsequently paid balance.

    Our Mission

    We aspire to open for travellers places in the world which they have never dreamed to visit such as North Korea. We are entirely devoted to our goal in providing you the best travel experience possible and help you to organize the perfect adventure just for you.